Must-Have Kitchen Tools

Get Ready to Cook Until You Drop…

restaurant cooking

The top 5 kitchen equipment and bar supply needed to outfit any professional and at-home space are a heavy duty mixer preferably a stand-up mixer, but if space is limited than a versatile style mixer will get the job done too. A blender/food processor combination would be ideal for keeping a versatile and spacious cooking and prep area. Having a wide variety of cooking pots and baking pans will make executing any recipe effortless and uncomplicated. What goes hand in hand with cooking? A high powered yet accurate tempered restaurant quality range stove/oven will make all the difference when it comes to making amazingly beautiful meals to perfection. To complete any wonderfully accessorized kitchen would be the storage space for all of the wonderful cooking tools you need to whip up culinary masterpieces, having well thought out cabinetry and shelving would finish off a well-balanced kitchen space and leave you with the comfort of being fully prepared to make all types of cooking magic.

Overall the next 5 basic items that any commercial or at-home kitchen needs are high quality baking sheets (yes, sheets for multi-recipe needs), chef’s knives, frying pans, wooden cutting boards (because plastic and glass boards have to be replaced after some time/use and wooden is easier on knife blades), and mixing bowls. As a suggestion, buying the high quality items for all of these items, along with good up keep will prove to be a long term investment in your culinary world; which will give you the confidence to make any level of expertise meal(s). Followed by organization or creating a system that speaks to our style of cooking. Having a cooking space organized to a certain standard will provide ease in cooking along with creating a spacious area if space is limited.

cooking toolsWhen deciding the best method of collecting all of the necessary cooking supplies for your restauranteur style commercial cooking space or the decked out at-home kitchen, knowing where to buy is part two of the battle towards preparation for culinary excellence. First and foremost, if you’re unfamiliar with how amazingly convenient Amazon’s website has become, you need to make your life easier and become a prime member and let the ease of ordering and receiving take your life to the next level. As a prime member ALL shipping is free with your membership, which will make your wallet happy and free to buy more of the kitchen furnishings you need.